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- Pat Murphy, OK Stair Craft Inc -

"Gleaming Glass came out to a project we were working on at Saint Francis, and repaired 2 windows that had been scratched during the construction process. The windows turned out like new and they were able to save us $700. I would definitely recommend their services."

- Jason Faulkner -

A new window was purchased for a 1970 Porsche 911 car restoration. Unfortunately, the brand new window was produced with a large, ceramic painted manufacture's monogram in the corner of the glass. I contacted numerous glass consultants in both the automotive and architectural glass arena and were told it could not be removed. Luckily, I located Gleaming Glass on the internet and after a brief conversation with Garrett, knew we had found a rare and talented individual with a skill set few possess. Garrett was professional and timely in his approach and removed the monogram completely with no trace of its prior existence. Very pleased with the result!

- Bob Thomas, Mtm recognition -

"We had a custom piece of glass that was scratched during the shipping process, and replacement wasn't really an option considering the price tag. Garrett repaired the glass, and ended up saving us several thousand dollars and six weeks lead time. Very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend his services!"


- brad mcmains, hunter homes inc-

"I was skeptical at first about two things, his age and his technique, but after meeting Garrett that all disappeared! His professionalism and attention to detail in describing his process compared to that of a Pro. As a General Contractor that faces scratched glass with the removal of mortar splashes, paint, and other debris, I've got to say I'm impressed. they Saved me thousands in replacing 6 patio windows! Wish i had found them 30 years ago. Highly recommend Gleaming Glass and their great services."


- Paige gamble, church on the move -

"Garrett was able to remove some hard water stains for us that no one else had been able to remove. He pays very close attention to detail and you can see the results in his work. We are very happy to have him here at COTM doing our windows."


- julie wilson, home owner -

"Gleaming Glass was able to repair my scratched window and it turned out looking brand new. At a very reasonable price too! They saved me $125!!! I highly recommend their awesome service."


- Chris Venable, Legends Car Wash -

"We have used him at Legends Car Wash several times and he does a spectacular job. Our windows are in a very tough environment, but when he's done they are flawless. Garrett doesn't just "clean windows", this is a meticulous, skillful application of science and hard work. We have never been able to make our windows look as good as he does. He even gets the scratches out of them."