The guys at MTM Recognition in Oklahoma City gave me a call after one of their tempered glass panels was scratched during the shipping process. It appeared as though another glass panel grazed against the surface of this one. The damage wasn’t very big or noticeable, but this glass was going to be installed in a multimillion dollar home, and the homeowners demanded perfection. MTM Recognition wanted this glass looking flawless without having to pay the large ticket price of replacement. After a search on the internet for other solutions, they came across my services and decided to give me a call. As far as the repair goes, it was fairly easy seeing the damage was light. Most of the damage was removed within the first 5 minutes of the removal process. The only tricky part about this repair was the fact that the damage was just inches away from the custom art etching, as well as the custom chipped edge. The etching was done in California and the “chipped edge look” was done in Colorado….Sooo accidentally ruining either of these would have not been good! After it was all said and done, the glass looked perfect! Just check out the video to see for your self. They were extremely pleased with my work, and thrilled about how much money I had just saved them. If you’re in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa area and have scratched glass, contact me before you decide to replace the glass! You literally have nothing to lose seeing you only pay if you’re happy with the repair.


"We had a custom piece of glass that was scratched during the shipping process, and replacement wasn't really an option considering the price tag. Garrett repaired the glass, and ended up saving us several thousand dollars and six weeks lead time. Very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend his services!"