We were called out to the new Saint Francis Trauma Emergency Center to repair 2 window panes that had been scratched after a subcontractor’s scaffolding fell over. The top of the scaffolding landed against the window and scraped the glass pretty bad before falling to the ground. Thank God it didn’t shatter these 3rd story windows. Replacing the glass would have cost the sub around $1,400, but we were able to repair it for $700. That’s the beauty of glass restoration! We were able to save these guys a lot of money, and we were able to keep these 2 panes of glass from going to a landfill. Everybody wins!

So what do you have to lose? We’ll come out, and do our best to repair the damage. If we are successful, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If we’re unsuccessful, just replace it. It’s a no brainer!


"Gleaming Glass came out to a project we were working on at Saint Francis, and repaired 2 windows that had been scratched during the construction process. The windows turned out like new and they were able to save us $700. I would definitely recommend their services."